Thunder CAMP established Crucible in 2019 to deliver secure, multi-classification, DevSecOps cloud platforms for weapon-system related software. Crucible was architected to be responsive to user needs, maximize developer productivity, and deliver the following characteristics:

  • Secure:   Prevent unauthorized access to code; ensure code is cyber hard
  • Flexible:   Rapidly modify pipeline configuration to meet user needs
  • Resilient:   Gracefully degrade in the case of infrastructure/internet outage
  • World-class tools:   Provide developers best-of-breed hardware/software
  • Collaborative:   Between government, prime, suppliers, and users
  • Decentralized:   Support satellite environments (e.g., MOBs)
  • Multi-Classification:   Synchronize tools/code at any classification level
  • Scalable:   Easy to grow user-base and/or standup new platforms
Weapon System Software Focus
The Crucible platforms are designed to meet the needs of embedded weapon system software development, including interfacing with System Integration Labs (SILs) for Hardware in the Loop (HitL) testing.
Customized Engineering
Each customer project team utilizing Crucible has unique problems they are solving. Thunder CAMP specializes in adapting Crucible to facilitate solving those problems. Integrating new development and testing tools into the cloud environment, engineering how to support legacy software, and automating processes to maximize developer productivity are all part of our daily work.

If you would like to know more, please contact us through our outreach team at
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