The AFSC/SW Development internship at Hill AFB, Utah; Tinker AFB, Oklahoma; and Warner Robins AFB, Georgia is a unique opportunity to work and learn with a true world class leader in technology development.

Interns will work on dynamic projects designed to forward the DoD mission and advance skillsets while producing cutting edge products in an extreme-teaming environment that encapsulates computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, and math.

Specific skills learned by participants include programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, Java Script, React, XML, Python, HTML, and Dart (Flutter). Hardware includes robotics, drones, microprocessors, servers, and an array of 3D printers. Methodologies include Agile/scrum, Kanban/Scrum, DevSecOps, and extreme programing.

Finally the internship is conducted in a fast paced, open, fun environment with weekly activities to build teaming and relieve stress.
AFSC Shield AFSC Software Directorate