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A civilian developer in the AFSC/SW holds a revered position with great responsibilities, opportunities, and tradition. Responsibility to the nation of the United States of America and its population’s safety; opportunities to work on extremely dynamic products and services in nearly every location on the globe; and tradition reaching back to the inception of software which empowers the Air Force to fulfill its mission sacred which began back in 1947.

The AFSC/SW is listed among the world’s best software producers with nearly 5,000 employees working in areas such as avionics, weaponry, simulation, missile systems, command and control systems, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality/virtual reality, robotics and autonomous systems. Each person and project make our nation better, stronger, and safer.

Additionally AFSC/SW employees enjoy the benefits of varied projects, continuous learning and advancement, multiple work schedules (including telework), event discounts, exercises facilities, outdoor rentals, and discounted vacation lodging. Please see the BENEFITS section on the CAREERS tab for more details.
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